Master Blaster


The ideal Jukebox to use for Party Hire.

Comes complete with:
15 inch LCD Screen.
1125 songs (All video) and includes Karaoke,
(More can be added).
Glass Touch panel.
High capacity 200 Gig hard drive.
Remote control (UHF not Infra red, so it will go through walls).
Updates via CD/DVD rom. (All Licenced music).
Karaoke capable.
Various party functions.
Display Advertising .
Message display, Happy Birthday or
Happy Anniversary.... Etc.
Small and portable. Your Hirer can pick it up themselves in their own car, or you can deliver it in yours, no need for a big truck.
Video and Audio capability, not just Video.
Wall box capable as a terminal only unit.
New Video or Audio titles can be added.
No need to delete old songs.

master blaster A
master blaster B
master blaster C
master blaster 1
master blaster 2
master blaster 3

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