Pinball Service

Pinball Service work and restoration examples

Pinball Service work and Restoration charges


This is a quick clean and basic repair job, no dismanteling of playfield to reach any components.
Globes replaced, Rubbers replaced, minor repairs only.
$260 plus parts.

Show Room Shine

Strip playfield and give it a good clean and polish.
Replace all globes. Replace all rubbers.
Clean all Plastics. Minor repairs only.
from $780 plus parts.

Cabinet Repaint

Sand outside of cabinet to Bare Timber.
Patch Holes, Dents, Scratches.
Seal, Undercoat, Paint Stencils, Clear Coat.
From $1700---- Depends on how bad the cabinet is.

Cabinet Repaint Plus

Same as Cabinet Paint but includes,
Polishing of Front Door components, Lock down bar assembly, Lock down Bar.
From $1900.

New Cabinet Decals

For the Newer Pinballs with Side decals.
Remove old decals, Sand cabinet to bare timber.
Seal cabinet.
Apply New Decals and New Side Rails.
$1300 plus parts.

Playfield Swaps

Depending on type of game it can vary. Please call to discuss.
Strip your old Playfield and re-assemble all parts onto a New Playfield.
$1040 - $2600 (Does not include the cost of a new Playfield).

Repair Work

All Repair Work is Professionally carried out and our Repair charges are
$75 per hour plus parts.


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